Ang Aking Talaarawan

Ang pahinang itong inyong tinitignan o binabasa ay isang walang kakwenta-kwentang paglalahad sa buhay buhay ng isang nilalang sa Planetang Dynpro. Patnubay ng magulang ay kailangan.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

sa akin ang huling halakhak dahil nasa akin ang alas...


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sore Eyes and Sore Throat

I woke up early yesterday to attend the Novena dawn mass. I wore my usual jogging outfit and right after mass we headed straight to Tutuban to jog and also for our last minute shopping. The Tutuban Center was not that crowded compared to the Divisoria mall. I was able to buy gifts for my colleagues and some shirts and a pair of pretty little black shorts for me without any hassle at all. We ate at Mcdo in between stall hopping. The time I have spent in the queue was longer than the minutes I have alloted for my shirt shopping. I was getting impatient when I noticed the bald guy with the darkest nape I have ever seen (anti karma wushu shield) who was shouting at the clerk. He was arguing with the delivery boy. He wanted to cancel his order because apparently the chicken in his chicken mcdo meal was small. The clerk reasoned out that he should not have touched the chicken if he would not buy the meal. The bald guy asked the clerk to eat the chicken instead. The clerk was angry and has put the chicken in the trash. If I was the clerk, I would have spilled the gravy inthe bald guy's face for poor reasoning.

It was an hour or so before lunch when we decided to go home for I was anxious. I was bothered but did not know the reason behind it. When we were near Kalentong, I have asked mom if she knew if dad had locked the doors at the house, for we only brought the 1st key. I texted dad and he said that he did! That was it! Maybe i was anxious to go home because I had this weird disturbed feeling that something was not right. He was in Laguna with my brother and would stay there until 6PM. Instead of staying in our garage, we decided to kill time by going to Kamuning to buy empanaditas. We have asked our friendly neighbor to keep the pork refrigerated because it might get spoiled. We asked some of my uncle's helpers to keep our shopping bags in my uncle's house and left. Before going to Kamuning, we also had a stop over. I went to a salon to have my nails fixed. After the salon stop over, we went to Kamuning. WE bought 2 bilaos of empanaditas, 2 boxes of tart and 4 pcs of lumpiang ubod. Since it was only 1PM, we decided to walk. It was hot and the streets were covered with used plastic bags, bottles and junk food wrappers. The kids were playing along the side walk and did not mind the screeching sound of cars.

We were home by 3pm. We stayed in my uncle's house. We ate merienda with my uncle's helpers when mom has noticed that i have excessive discharge around my left eye. I washed it with running water and believed that it was gone. But alas, when dad picked us up my eye was still watery and was sore! I washed it for several times and it was still sore. I was planning on finishing my secret task for one of my maldita friends and for my project mate last night but because my left eye was getting heavier each minute I procastinated and slept.

When I woke the following day for the dawn mass, I could not open my eye. It was sore, it was heavy, it was wet and slimy. After mass, we went to Medical City. I was 'rushed' hehe to the emergency room. The diagnosis was sore eyes. (Btw, I had this funny and embarassing experience with the lady doctor. But she was really nice and I do not want to humiliate her. That's why I am keeping her dirty little secret.) She has prescribed an antibiotic eye drop, cold compress for my sore eye and BED REST for a week. Yahoo.
Oh no, Icar's last day would be on Thursday. I plan to present the video on Thursday but how???!?!! I have to be ok by Wednesday so that I can get my clearance from the same doctor on Thursday. If not, I will try to send the video via email. I guess I have to consult my friends first.

Oh well, tomorrow's Christmas and my left eye is sore. Ciao. Have a blessed Christmas and a bountiful new year guys!!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007



Hello Friends,

I got this message from a friend who now resides in Singapore. He used to work in IBM as an HR personnel assisting the xpats. He quit his job and decided his luck in the proverbial greener pasture. He went there knowing that he has no place to stay and source of income. But because of sheer luck and determination, he is now filthy rich (joke) and has landed a high paying job.

I guess he just wants to help me as he has always done and has given me hope through his story and his message. J (He is cussing because he hates numbers. Please understand.)


Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.

Mark Adrian


Wednesday, 29 August, 2007 9:59 AM


d***** t***!



Yung kakilala ko, si Eloise, nasa HR Recruitment and hinahandle niya ay SAP knowledgeable people. Mag recruit tayo ng mga taga accenture inculding you who wish to work in Singapore. Sinasabi ko sayo, 3,000 SGD (mababa na 'to for IT dito) and 1,000 SGD lang ang cost of living monthly. 1 SGD = 30 pesos. Go na kayo dito!

Send your resume and write na you were referred by Mark Montano (sira ka, wala akong cut dito! All I want is tumulong). Email her at ******


Okay naman ako dito. Hindi pala. Pucha, aside from HR Relocations ako, I do Financial Management which really sucks! You know - balance sheet reconciliation! Punyeta, nakakainit ng ulo. Haha.

O bye bye muna. Bawala actually naka-tanga dito sa office ko eh. May cam all over the place. Huhu.

I planned not to share this so that I would not have to compete in getting slots. I decided that I would just wait for them to call me before I hand them referrals. I did get a call last Monday. Unfortunately, I missed it because I have unintentionally left my cel in my desk. L (Karma is real time).

I have given this a serious thought. I just can’t imagine that because of selfishness I am thinking of not giving this information to my friends who are not only worthy but have also been with me through the good and not-so-good times. (Acting Workshop to oh!)

This is my way of thanking you.

Btw, I would appreciate if you don't forward this message to others; this message was sent only to my friends!

Thanks and God bless,


Friday, September 28, 2007

The Love Guru

Tanong: May tanong pala ako. maiba naman. Mayroon kase akong kaibigang humihingi ng payo ukol sa kanyang iniirog. Syempre sa akin pa talaga nagtanong, hello lang? Ganito un, me gusto syang nilalang tapos itong nilalang na ito na itago natin sa pangalang Kokey ay parang torpe pero ang malupit nun eh may karibal itong kaibigan ko kay kokey na mejo agresibo. Ano daw ba ang maipapayo ko. Hahaha, jusko.

Ewan ko torpe lang daw eh. Madami bang klase ng torpe? Baka torpeng manligaw? Wehehe.

Sige sugar momma na lang ang code name ng karibal kase sabi ng fwendsheep in distress ko eh matanda na daw ito at 30+ na ang age pero stable na sa work pede ng magpamilya mga ganun ba. Kaya naisip ko din na kaya ito aggressive eh dahil kailangan na nya talaga! Wehehe.


Kokey - torpe

Esperanza- fweendsheep in distress

Hot momma - aggressive, 30+

Mga Sagot:

BJ: teka nagdamoves na ba tong fwensheep mo? mga pasimpleng paglalandi? hohoho. kase kahit torpe nmn tong si kokey, dpt may signs na sya na pinakita kung gus2 nya rin tong si fwensheep in distress...kung merong mga pinakitang senyales na "Can this be love kokey's feeling right now," edi go ahead be agresibo and fightfightfight hot momma... pero kung wala nmn, ewan ko na :D

DYOSA: hehehe dahil sa request ni manay, magrereply ako.

sounds family yung scenario kasi parang minsan sa makulay kong buhay ay nakatagpo din ako ng isang Kokey at ng isang Sugar momma... Not necessarily Sugar momma sa age pero sa scenario..

o sige na nga ang Kokey na yun ay walang iba kundi si Datu.

depende kasi yun manay, kung sureness na sha na gusto sha ni Kokey at malakas ang loob nya, pwede naman nya direchahin si Kokey e (parang mga forbidden question sa Magic 99.9 ganun..). ang downside naman kasi nun, baka naman itong si Kokey e may pagkasensitive type na ayaw nang pinangungunahan baka mahurt ang ego.

pakidescribe naman po kung anong level na ba itong pagkagusto ni Kokey kay Esperanze vice versa, kasi mejo naimagine ko naman yung ke Sugar Momma

YAOMING: Ganito lang. kung sa pagmatanda na sya eh magiging wat ifs ng buhay nya si kokey. eh di go go go! Kumendeng na sya ke kokey.

Pakipot approach. hmmm. magkitikitext sya wid kokey, sweet messages and all, tapos, kwentuhan lahat ng kaibigan abt kokey. Magpatukso abt kokey. Pero yung ngiting aso (hindi dugs) pag tinutukso. Tapos, denial ha! Wag kakalimutan. tapos.teka nangangati ako sa pag-code ngayon.

Case kokey's feelings

When gusto ni kokey kay esperanza.

Well and good! Kasalan na!

When ayaw ni kokey pala kay esperanza.

Unti unting bawasan ang tetetetext. Tapos, maghanap na ng ibang gwapo.

When others.

Pagdasal na wag ke sugar mama mapunta si kokey. Sama eh noh?


Lider: Ito ang masasabi ko.. Nakaranas narin ako ng ganyan dati AT ito ang mapapayo ko.

1. torpe kamo si KOKEY at di naman alam ni esperanza na gusto siya nito diba?? Well dahil sa gusto niya si kokey. pakita niya na gusto niya si kokey sa pinakadiscreet way na maiisip niya. tama si abby.. kitikitext niya. pasmile ng konti.. i-miss call sa cel, pumapasok pa ba yan sa school? Tawagan niya tas kunyari mangongopya sya ng notes dahil di nya nakopya sa school... turuan niya sa assignment.... pag kakain makisabay.. kung may problema si kokey make herself available everytime. kung may common friends sila, kunchabahin ni esperanza ang mga friends na ibuild-up sya kay kokey through making kwento na ang bida si esperanza.. Mga ganun ba... wag niya dapat i-let go yung time na meron para ipafeel kahit papano kay kokey na special sya sa kanya. di naman ito pagigign aggressive kasi wala ka naming ginagawang masama.. esperanza is just being "nice" to kokey.. at kung magevolve si kokey at magustuhan sya nito.. edi OK.. pero kung hinde naman maging OK ang resulta at lumayo sa knaya si kokey.. well ok na rin atleast e naranasan nyang gawan ng maganda si kokey at naexperience nya maging "friend" ito kahit papano...

di na uso ang pagpapacute ngayon at pagaantay.. (sowee maweng kawen) hehe... dahil maraming BUWITRE sa paligid at konti nalang ang lalaki sa mundo na papasok sa "standards" ng bawat babae.. (syempre exclude na rito ang dumaraming bading/kangkang-gamol/dugs). E sa nangyari pa ngayon na pasok sa standard ni esperanza at sugar momma si kokey.. e kelangan na makipagsapalaran..

kung iniisip naman ni esperanza na magiging cheap sya sa tingin ng iba.. tingin ko hinde.. magiging "good friend" lang naman sya for kokey..

good relationship starts with good friendship... naks.. hehe

Ate E: maging agresibo din sya

Ate E: send feelers to kokey

Ate E: kase malay mo sya ang gusto ni kokey

Ate E: kaso lang baka madala si kokey sa ka-agresibuhan nung isa

Ate E: pero kung sya talaga ang gusto ni kokey kakalimutan muna nya ang pagiging torpe

Ate E: sabihin mo send feelers but not to the point na sya na nanliligaw

Ate D: anong feelers?

Ate E: paramdam

Ate D: pano?

Ate E: sa tingin

Ate E: nyahahaha

Ate E: kausapin nya

Ate E: magkwentuhan sila ng mga view sa buhay-buhay

Ate E: mga ganun

Ate E: hahahaha

Ate E: syempre

Ate E: that's the most logical thing to do

Ate E: sayang yung chance kung gusto sya ni kokey di ba?

Ate E: ang haba naman ng hair ni kokey


Yaya: manay kawen

Yaya: are u busy?

Kawen: hi manay! may kt ako ng 3 pm manay

Kawen: y o y

Yaya: ahh

Yaya: wala lang

Yaya: gusto ko lang hinging advice mo dun sa inemail ko

Yaya: sige later na lang kita kukulitin

Yaya: goodluck sa brown bag

Kawen: ahh

Kawen: hahaha

Kawen: muka ba ako reliable?

Kawen: kse ako

Kawen: alam mo naman sa conservative side pa den

Kawen: antay lang kung ano move ni kokey

Kawen: kesa siya gumawa ng move(esperanza)

Yaya: kaya nga gusto ko marinig lahat ng payo nyo

Yaya: kase diverse kayo

Yaya: hahaha

Yaya: kakatuwa

Kawen: kse mas ok pa den na guy gaagwa ng 1st move, kse pano na sa future dapat lalake ang nag dedesisiyon

Kawen: hahaha

Kawen: paste mo na langs a mail manay

Kawen: mag kkt muna ako

Kawen: hohoho

Kawen: additional lang: dun niya masusubukan kung tlgang gusto siya ni kokey o matetempt siya kay sugar momma

Kawen: kung kunwari sila na mas ok na paglaban niya, kaya lang hindi pa sila eh.. eheh.. la lang opinyon lang

Kawen: the best eh mag pray

Kawen: :-)

Tanong: eto may second love scenario ako...

Karakter (maaaring base sa tunay na buhay ng piksyon):

girlalu na hindi nmn madalas ma-attract


boy kabit

naaattract tong si girlalu kay boy kabit ngunit happily attached na itong si girlalu kay boy1. ngunit itong si boy kabit alam na attached na sya ngunit isinambit na "pagisipan mo girlalu, iwanan mo na si boy1." natulala si girlalu at nagulat sa sarili na sya ay kinikilig.

ang tanong ay bakit ang puso tatsulok pala? ano ang limitasyon ng paglalandi? HOHOHO!

Yaya: Bj, ke boy1 sigurado si girlalu. Kay boykabit di sya sigurado. Kase what if maging sila girlalu nga at boykabit, may guarantee ba na di nya din ito lolokohin? At malay nya weakness lang talaga ni boykabit ang maghanap ng may sabit?

Kung mahal ni boykabit si girlalu, di nya ito sasabihan na iwanan si boy1. Sa tingin ko, di sya magdedemand ng ganun o di nya un dedemonyohin ng iwan mo na yan. Kase isipin mo na lang kunwari may kaibigan ka na bang nagsabi sayong iwan mo ang bestfriend mo at sya na lang ang gawin mong bestfriend? Ibang sitwasyon at ibang relasyon pero pinilit kong ikonek. Whehehe.

Lider: Ang masasabi ko nga lang dyan jazz. kalimutan na ni girlaloo si boy kabit.. ang mga ganyang gumugulo sa buhay ng may karelasyon na ay dpat nilalayo na sa isipan at di na ineentertain pa... maghanap nalang si boy kabit ng babaeng walang sabit para ang kanilang pinaplanong pagmamahalan ni new girl ay walang puslit.. anoha ryhme ako! Hahaha

DYOSA: comment ko naman jan maweng jazz, pwedeng yung kilig kasi e isa hanggang 3 liguan tapos wala na... :) so pwedeng kikay attack lang yun, wala nang mas malalim pa... :)

ok lang naman makipagflirt basta wag ka lang magpapahuli, ginagawa din naman ng mga boys yan. :) sa paglubog naman ng araw ay alam nyo naman na iniisip nyo rin ang isa't isa at ang the others ay pang ilang minutong kilig lang...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I am sick. I have this terrible flu for days now. I have consulted a doctor and she said that it was not long ago that I went to see another doctor because of the same condition. Aside from antibiotics, she advised me to get a flu vaccine after fully recovering. This would prevent me from getting sick. After all, prevention is better than cure!
On my second day of sick leave, my manager texted me and asked me to see a doctor for check up. I have also received a text message from my teammates asking me about work. I guess, I really need to go back tomorrow. Sigh..

Guess what? I just finished reading 11 minutes by Paolo Coelho. I am now starting to read Five People you meet in Heaven and I have just met the first person! Whew..

I have also added a cbox in my account. But i can't put it in the right position. I want it at the left/right side of my blog. I am not really into web designing and stuff (if that's what you call it).

Go to go... I need to take my medicines. Ciao

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I miss

my Ate Jen
Brutus sistas
Ling Friends
Athena batchmates
Tita Baby
the malditaz
Ate Engkuts
Barkadahang Sports
my cousins Liza, Mitchie and Ian
my Puckmates
Anya and Tome

Once upon a time routine
taking the MRT from Boni to Quezon Ave.
hanging out with my friends at AS Steps
eating isaw near ICTUS
going to the Library to sleep
skipping class to tambay
stalking Tomokai
walking from AS Steps to Philcoa
studying late for the exams
leaving my papers in one of my teachers' pigeonholes
not going to school on Wednesdays
sitting in one of Maci's classes
buying bluebook
eating squidballs near GT
strolling at Greenbelt with Lolo Worr and Papa Cologne
initiating chat conferences with the Malditaz and Barkadahang Sports
playing Badminton and Bowling with my Barkadahang Sports friends

our house at Quintos
Greenbelt walkway
MRT station
Jac's mansion
Eky's place at San Juan
our Old house
our store

sisig sa tinapay
Mr. Chips
Squid balls
Cotton Candy
Baked Mussels

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Foot Long

Lagi akong late sa ofis. Kahit 7:30A o 10:00A pa ang shift ko. Ito ung isa sa mga bad habits ko na di ko maalis alis. Kainis, May log sheet pa naman kame sa team na ako pa mismo ang nagpasimuno. I am a bad role model.. tsk. tsk. Sabi nila pag daw malapit ang ofis o eskwelahan sa bahay ang tendency ng tao e magpalate talaga dahil malapit lang naman. Ganito na ako ng highschool. Ganito pa din ba ako hanggang ngayon?
Kaya isang araw patakbo takbo na ako nang tinawag ko ang isang jeep. Kainis ulet! Kase ung pinara kong jeep eh ung jeep na iniiwasan ko dahil: una, ung anak ng drayber na babae na kasama sa biyahe ay parang aadik adik at super stenchy. Pangalawa, ang apo nya na ang teyorya ko ay anak ng aadik adik nyang anak ay über kulit (Nung babaha baha sa munisipyo - take note: ambon - baha, ulan - dagat, bagyo - karagatan. To think na sa munisipyo pa ito, ang sentro ng kapangyarihan sa isang lungsod. Anyway, ang batang ito na nagswimming ata sa baha ay kumakandong kandong pa sa mga pasahero. Ginugulong gulong pa nya ang pera nyang isinawsaw nya sa maputik, mabaho at maipis na tubig sa muka ng pasaherong inaasar asar nya). Pero laking gulat ko dahil sobrang behaved sya at nasa unahan sya sa tabi ng kanyang lolo at lola (oha! tama ang aking educated guess). Nagtaka talaga ako kase tahimik sya at di sya nakikihalubilo sa mga pasahero. Habang iniisip ko ang dahilan, bigla akong nakarinig ng malakas na sigaw na parang nanggaling sa isang taong walang ngipin. Sa nanay nya. Nagwawala wala ito at humahagulgol. Kinakaway kaway ang kamay. Pilit na gustong tumalon sa jeep. Nakita ko ang mga pasahero na nagtatakip na ng ilong at bumubulong bulong pa. Kahit na ilang beses ko na itong nakakasama sa biyahe e, ngayon ko lang nakita ang pagtatantrums nya. SAbi nya gusto na nyang bumaba. Tinitignan ko ang tatay nya. Parang walang naririnig. Ang mga pasahero naman na matatanda ay kumakatok na at sinasabihan ang drayber na may baba. Siguro dahil hindi nila alam na related ang dalawa. Siguro narindi na din ang tatay nya na pinababa sya sa Rustan's express. PEro di naman bumaba. May hinihingi sya. Sabi nya gusto nya ng footlong. Nag abot ang tatay ng 120Pesos at pinababa na sya. Pero nagalit sya sabi nya di daw kasya ang bente pesos (Siguro di nya nakita ang 100 na kasama). Nakukuliling na siguro ang tatay nya at binawe ang pera. Sabi bumaba na lang daw ito sa jeep dahil di nya alam kung ano na ang gagawin nya dito. Di nya alam kung san sya lulugar. Lalung syang naghimutok at naglupasay na sa lapag. Nagpupumilit bumaba. Siguro malapit na un sa tunnel nang iniabot ng drayber ang 140 Pesos ulit at sabay sabing ang footlong 40 Pesos lang. Hindi isang libo. Kinuha nya ang pera galing sa kanyang tatay at mahigpit na hinawakan. At bigla syang nakatulog. Siguro nagpapapansin lang sya. Nang malapit na ako sa ofis dali dali akong bumaba. Natakot pa ako kase baka biglang magising at masipa ako.
Nang pababa na ako sa escalator. Naisip ko, ang hirap ng buhay ng mamang drayber na iyon. Sa dami ng sinusuportahan nya, ung anak nya isa pa sa mga naging pasan nya... Kahit na ayoko ng sumakay ulit sa jeep nya, naisip ko na sa pagsakay kong iyon, sa pagbayad ko ng pamasahe ay natutulungan ko sya sa kanyang hanapbuhay.
Hindi man ako ang pinakaswerteng tao sa balat ng lupa o pinakamapalad sa sa ofis o kahit sa klase o kahit sa mga pasahero kanina sa jeep na iyon, hindi din naman ako ang pinakamalas. Mayroon pa rin akong dapat ipagpasalamat sa araw araw.

Nang hapon na iyon naisip kong bumili ng footlong.