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Ang pahinang itong inyong tinitignan o binabasa ay isang walang kakwenta-kwentang paglalahad sa buhay buhay ng isang nilalang sa Planetang Dynpro. Patnubay ng magulang ay kailangan.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Happy 4th Monthsary SapPs-SapPs fwendsheeps!

A Poem

I start my day by sitting on a chair,
Giving my monitor a hard, cold stare,
By evening I m done with another coding
Oh! this has become a routine so boring.

Like all, I entered this field with great hope
Jobs were many and there was plenty of scope
Dreams of joining the likes of Gates
And a chance to make money in the states.

Thus, I entered the world of bytes
Only to realize that reality bites
Coz a programmer's life, isn't all that cozy
The bed of software, isn't all that rosy.

Seeing the monitor all day and night
Have taken the power of my eyesight
Late to bed n late to rise
Has made me wealthy, but not healthy and wise.

Working holidays, busy weekends
No time for family, no time for friends
My job steals most of my time
Helplessly, I watch this crime.

Just for few bits of money,
I forgot those moments with my honey
When I should be out - having fun
I' m telling a computer, what's to be done.

I hate you, yet I cant get away,
Coz, I need the money you pay,
God, to thee I pray
If there be one - show me the way.

>>>>> - Anonymous Programmer -<<<<


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Blogger Linguist-in-Waiting said...

Ikaw ba ang nagsulat nire? Kaganda-ganda naman. Nga pala, i-on mo ang word verification mo, at ng hindi pumapasok ang mga comments na spam.


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