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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sore Eyes and Sore Throat

I woke up early yesterday to attend the Novena dawn mass. I wore my usual jogging outfit and right after mass we headed straight to Tutuban to jog and also for our last minute shopping. The Tutuban Center was not that crowded compared to the Divisoria mall. I was able to buy gifts for my colleagues and some shirts and a pair of pretty little black shorts for me without any hassle at all. We ate at Mcdo in between stall hopping. The time I have spent in the queue was longer than the minutes I have alloted for my shirt shopping. I was getting impatient when I noticed the bald guy with the darkest nape I have ever seen (anti karma wushu shield) who was shouting at the clerk. He was arguing with the delivery boy. He wanted to cancel his order because apparently the chicken in his chicken mcdo meal was small. The clerk reasoned out that he should not have touched the chicken if he would not buy the meal. The bald guy asked the clerk to eat the chicken instead. The clerk was angry and has put the chicken in the trash. If I was the clerk, I would have spilled the gravy inthe bald guy's face for poor reasoning.

It was an hour or so before lunch when we decided to go home for I was anxious. I was bothered but did not know the reason behind it. When we were near Kalentong, I have asked mom if she knew if dad had locked the doors at the house, for we only brought the 1st key. I texted dad and he said that he did! That was it! Maybe i was anxious to go home because I had this weird disturbed feeling that something was not right. He was in Laguna with my brother and would stay there until 6PM. Instead of staying in our garage, we decided to kill time by going to Kamuning to buy empanaditas. We have asked our friendly neighbor to keep the pork refrigerated because it might get spoiled. We asked some of my uncle's helpers to keep our shopping bags in my uncle's house and left. Before going to Kamuning, we also had a stop over. I went to a salon to have my nails fixed. After the salon stop over, we went to Kamuning. WE bought 2 bilaos of empanaditas, 2 boxes of tart and 4 pcs of lumpiang ubod. Since it was only 1PM, we decided to walk. It was hot and the streets were covered with used plastic bags, bottles and junk food wrappers. The kids were playing along the side walk and did not mind the screeching sound of cars.

We were home by 3pm. We stayed in my uncle's house. We ate merienda with my uncle's helpers when mom has noticed that i have excessive discharge around my left eye. I washed it with running water and believed that it was gone. But alas, when dad picked us up my eye was still watery and was sore! I washed it for several times and it was still sore. I was planning on finishing my secret task for one of my maldita friends and for my project mate last night but because my left eye was getting heavier each minute I procastinated and slept.

When I woke the following day for the dawn mass, I could not open my eye. It was sore, it was heavy, it was wet and slimy. After mass, we went to Medical City. I was 'rushed' hehe to the emergency room. The diagnosis was sore eyes. (Btw, I had this funny and embarassing experience with the lady doctor. But she was really nice and I do not want to humiliate her. That's why I am keeping her dirty little secret.) She has prescribed an antibiotic eye drop, cold compress for my sore eye and BED REST for a week. Yahoo.
Oh no, Icar's last day would be on Thursday. I plan to present the video on Thursday but how???!?!! I have to be ok by Wednesday so that I can get my clearance from the same doctor on Thursday. If not, I will try to send the video via email. I guess I have to consult my friends first.

Oh well, tomorrow's Christmas and my left eye is sore. Ciao. Have a blessed Christmas and a bountiful new year guys!!!!


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uy share naman jan ung dirty little secret ni ms. doc! :)

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