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Ang pahinang itong inyong tinitignan o binabasa ay isang walang kakwenta-kwentang paglalahad sa buhay buhay ng isang nilalang sa Planetang Dynpro. Patnubay ng magulang ay kailangan.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Out of office


I am currently on vacation and will be back on January 11, 2006 (Manila Time).

For important/urgent matters, please contact my ket


Thanks and Have a nice day!

Dianne :)

I finally get to do things I have been dreaming of even for just 2 days! I started to blog again, update my friendster account, read books (UNIX and ABAP - mind you), watch dvds and vcds, and have my guitar lessons with my mom and brother. I am actually waiting for him to arrive from school before we could have today's seesion. Yipee! Can't wait!
I just found out that Kuya Dondon, the other half of Dd's in motion is getting married. She wants to have a garden weddding here in the Philippines late this year. She will also treat us on her birthday at Boracay! Nyahay... Oh no! Two pc or pajama? Hohoho.
I woke up at 10am, ate lunch at 12, watched tv, surfed the net, and checked my company mail. Wrong move. Now I am forced to enjoy my vacation even if I forgot to submit my time sheet and GDD. Crap! When I get back on Wed, I'll be bombarded with all the 'suppressed' utos from my ket. Nga pala, my ket is also asking for my PFF (it's some sort of an evaluation), which means I have to rate myself, enumerate my accomplishments and stuff! And he wants it done by Wed lunch time. Good thing I was able to see this before I return, otherwise I would not be able to submit any to him...


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