Ang Aking Talaarawan

Ang pahinang itong inyong tinitignan o binabasa ay isang walang kakwenta-kwentang paglalahad sa buhay buhay ng isang nilalang sa Planetang Dynpro. Patnubay ng magulang ay kailangan.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Cable Car

We went to Cable Car at 9:00 pm for the much awaited team building of our glamorous project. We were I can say, fashionably late. Some project mate even called up to ask if we were attending. They couldn't start, I guess without us.. ehem...
When we arrived, I immediately without hesitation went to get food. I was really really hungry. I wasn't even speaking to any of my kasabay sa car (sosyal!?) I was btw with my master, mayor vi, my ket (it was his car which was alarmingly very very clean...hmmm...) and my pseudo team mate - the singer. As my master would say, 'I have never been this hungry in my entire life.' I tried the baked mussels, fish fingers, chicken wings, bbq, sisig rice which was really good and brownies for dessert. I was about to have my last spoonful of sisig rice when the emcees announced that we were going to start the 1st and last game. They said that initially there were three games but due to lack of resources, we would only have one - beer drinking. I was so surprised when they called the 1st contestant. It was pretty li'l me. I don't want to be a 'kj' so I got up, went 'onstage' while chewing the rubber like bbq. They first called in the girls who would be the contenders (i like the sound of that word!). The girls would have to pick 4 other guy contestants. My team mates were mayor vi, two from basis, edongers, and Carlo. At first, I couldn't understand the mechanics of the game because it was noisy, the crowd was getting excited and I was still hungry. One by one the contestants should finish the beer of their choice 'on stage' kung hindi naman babalik ang nasabing contestant sa pila at ang susunod ang pupunta sa harap upang ubusin ang beer. Kailangan maubos ang beer kung hindi pa ubos, babalik ulit nang babalik sa harapan hanggang maubos ang beer. (Wolongyo, naubusan ako ng ingles dun a...anoha?) My cousin who was the organizer told us that we can choose any beer we wanted to drink. Mine was San Mig Super Dry kase gamay na ako dito. I even asked my cousin kung anong prizes para naman ma-motivate ako. We were the second group to finish. Strong teeth's team won. Kaso may daya! Hmf.. Tswe
After the game, was the announcement of the month's super stars. I was soo happy for markmark because he was nominated and was awarded an aksenchur umbrella. My master was also nominated and given a green water jug.
After that, we took wacky pictures of ourselves and palyed billiards. Me and master won. I was able to shoot 3 balls. This was the best part of the night...


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